Environmental Regional

Antarctic ecosystems: Climate change and other human impacts

UOW ecosystems research team monitoring and limiting the impacts of climate change and pollution on Antarctic biodiversity.

Economic Environmental Regional

Research into railway track stability to improve transport efficiency and cost-efficiency

UOW research has generated industrial benefits in the area of modern railway geomechanics, directly benefiting rail asset owners and the quality of the composite track structure.

Economic Environmental Global

Commercial and agricultural benefits of environmental monitoring using FTIR research

University of Wollongong researchers developed new Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy instrumentation and methodology for sensitive detection and quantification of greenhouse and other important gases in field environments.

Environmental Regional

Protecting people, property and the environment with research for effective management of bushfire risk

Bushfire research by the University of Wollongong has provided the knowledge and capacity to help resolve the complex trade-offs required to meet the immense challenge of bushfire risk.

Environmental Regional

Improving Australian coastal management, hazard and risk assessment

UOW research on coastal vulnerability has been instrumental in establishing a national sediment compartment approach, enabling better forecasts of Australian coastline response to sea-level rise.

Economic Environmental Regional

Statistical advances promote grains development

By identifying genetic advantages in crops, this research has led to more productive and sustainable farming, and increased profits for grain growers with flow-on social, economic and environmental impacts.

Environmental Societal

Spinning World: New audiences and cultural networks for art-led science investigative research with environmental impact

The project's range of outcomes not only have significant impact on artistic and scientific fields, but importantly facilitated knowledge exchanges with the public.

Environmental Global

Rapidly drying mosses in response to climate change

Our results show for the first time that climate change and ozone depletion are drying East Antarctic moss beds and demonstrate that Antarctic communities are already being affected despite a relatively small change so far.

Economic Environmental Societal

Building awareness and recognition of gender to improve bushfire management

Developing a holistic way to understand bushfire vulnerability and resilience, which accelerated and legitimised recognition of gender as a key issue affecting bushfire management and safety processes.

Economic Environmental Global Regional Societal

Improving disaster management and increasing citizen safety

Working with Jakarta’s government disaster management agency and social media company Twitter to develop an open source platform to crowdsource and automate flood reporting.