Global Societal

Changing practice, policy and perspectives on student equity groups in higher education

Providing resources for family members to assist in ‘unpacking’ the university environment and providing advice in an accessible way for first-in-family university students.

Economic Environmental Global

Commercial and agricultural benefits of environmental monitoring using FTIR research

University of Wollongong researchers developed new Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy instrumentation and methodology for sensitive detection and quantification of greenhouse and other important gases in field environments.

Global Societal

Improving patient safety with the MOSkin dosimeter

UOW physics research has generated a technology that reduces the risk to radiotherapy patients from increasing exposure to radiation medicine through real-time quality assurance of radiation doses.

Environmental Global

Rapidly drying mosses in response to climate change

Our results show for the first time that climate change and ozone depletion are drying East Antarctic moss beds and demonstrate that Antarctic communities are already being affected despite a relatively small change so far.

Global Regional

Regional and global impacts of the discovery of Homo floresiensis

The 2003 discovery of the human species Homo floresiensis – often referred to as ‘the Hobbit’ – transformed the scientific and public understanding of human evolution.

Economic Environmental Global Regional Societal

Improving disaster management and increasing citizen safety

Working with Jakarta’s government disaster management agency and social media company Twitter to develop an open source platform to crowdsource and automate flood reporting.

Global Societal

Making a non-drug treatment available to children with ADHD around the world

Bringing together working memory and impulse-control training for substantial behavioural and cognitive benefits.