Environmental Regional

Antarctic ecosystems: Climate change and other human impacts

UOW ecosystems research team monitoring and limiting the impacts of climate change and pollution on Antarctic biodiversity.

Economic Environmental Regional

Research into railway track stability to improve transport efficiency and cost-efficiency

UOW research has generated industrial benefits in the area of modern railway geomechanics, directly benefiting rail asset owners and the quality of the composite track structure.

Regional Societal

Chemotherapy drug development

The research developed a novel drug to improve cancer patient outcomes, led to a successful model of commercialisation with a local drug development company, and built capacity in the region for both clinical trial and pharmaceutical business development.

Regional Societal

Identifying, preventing and treating malnutrition in at-risk groups

UOW led research for over 15 years identifying, preventing and treating malnutrition in at-risk groups, especially older adults in hospitals and the community.

Environmental Regional

Protecting people, property and the environment with research for effective management of bushfire risk

Bushfire research by the University of Wollongong has provided the knowledge and capacity to help resolve the complex trade-offs required to meet the immense challenge of bushfire risk.

Environmental Regional

Improving Australian coastal management, hazard and risk assessment

UOW research on coastal vulnerability has been instrumental in establishing a national sediment compartment approach, enabling better forecasts of Australian coastline response to sea-level rise.

Economic Regional

Improving the performance and growth of small and medium sized enterprises in South East Asia

UOW researchers in economics developed what grew into a long-term engagement with regional partners with the aim of better understanding the role, contribution and performance of SMEs in South East Asia.

Economic Environmental Regional

Statistical advances promote grains development

By identifying genetic advantages in crops, this research has led to more productive and sustainable farming, and increased profits for grain growers with flow-on social, economic and environmental impacts.

Regional Societal

Research and action to pioneer dementia friendly communities

‘Dementia friendly’ communities aim to address stigma surrounding dementia by empowerment and greater social inclusion.

Regional Societal

Illawarra Aboriginal health research partnership

Building the organisational capacity of local Aboriginal community organisations to change practices that enhance their effectiveness and sustainability.