Global Societal

Changing practice, policy and perspectives on student equity groups in higher education

Providing resources for family members to assist in ‘unpacking’ the university environment and providing advice in an accessible way for first-in-family university students.

Global Societal

Improving patient safety with the MOSkin dosimeter

UOW physics research has generated a technology that reduces the risk to radiotherapy patients from increasing exposure to radiation medicine through real-time quality assurance of radiation doses.

Regional Societal

Chemotherapy drug development

The research developed a novel drug to improve cancer patient outcomes, led to a successful model of commercialisation with a local drug development company, and built capacity in the region for both clinical trial and pharmaceutical business development.

Regional Societal

Identifying, preventing and treating malnutrition in at-risk groups

UOW led research for over 15 years identifying, preventing and treating malnutrition in at-risk groups, especially older adults in hospitals and the community.

Environmental Societal

Spinning World: New audiences and cultural networks for art-led science investigative research with environmental impact

The project's range of outcomes not only have significant impact on artistic and scientific fields, but importantly facilitated knowledge exchanges with the public.

Regional Societal

Research and action to pioneer dementia friendly communities

‘Dementia friendly’ communities aim to address stigma surrounding dementia by empowerment and greater social inclusion.


Higher education access for all

This research adopts a strengths-based focus which involves working closely with students and significant others to explore first hand the experiences of moving into university and the types of challenges that students encounter.

Economic Environmental Societal

Building awareness and recognition of gender to improve bushfire management

Developing a holistic way to understand bushfire vulnerability and resilience, which accelerated and legitimised recognition of gender as a key issue affecting bushfire management and safety processes.


Making more effective use of marketing techniques to increase foster carer numbers

Marketing and psychology researchers embarked upon a program to identify the types of people who make successful foster carers and the marketing strategies effective in attracting them.

Regional Societal

Illawarra Aboriginal health research partnership

Building the organisational capacity of local Aboriginal community organisations to change practices that enhance their effectiveness and sustainability.